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Try Corporate Team Building with An Escape Room

Ten Reasons to Choose an Escape Room For Corporate Team Building

The House Escape invites teams a great opportunity to get out of the office and work together to complete a mission. In order to escape, you have to trust each other, you have to communicate well and everyone has to fulfill different roles.
Improve Communication
Communication is key for any team to be successful. Our Reno escape room games help your team develop vital communication skills in a high intensity, low stakes environment. The best part is there’s no risk to your business. Because this activity takes place outside of the office, it won’t make or break your company’s bottom line.
Trust Building
Our Reno escape rooms give your team the opportunity to build trust amongst each other quickly. If your team is able to figure out puzzles to escape a room together, you can trust that they’ll be able to tackle work projects together as well. Once they escape the room, you’ll have faith that they have the ability to listen, problem-solve, communicate, and cooperate with one another on an important business project.
Determine Strengths and Weaknesses
Team building activities such as an escape room can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your team. This will help you prepare for future business projects, meetings and presentations, and also helps you see how everyone in your team performs and reacts in various situations. You don’t want to get into crunch time on a project and discover that your team has poor communication or wait until it’s time to present a new project just to realize you don’t have a team leader amongst your staff.
Build Relationships
The best way to get to know the different characteristics of your team is to see them in different environments. Working together can help build strong relationships and show you more of your employees’ personalities and abilities.
Working Together
Win or lose, you did the work together! Most importantly, you must keep in mind that everyone escapes, or no one escapes. A team cannot succeed or fail alone, you must work together.
Goal Setting
Teams work on common goals to solve the room’s mystery and ultimately escape. This is extremely important in business because in order to succeed, everyone must share the same goal.
Assess Team Members
Escape room team building activities give team leaders an opportunity to see how other team members handle conflict and problem-solving along with the other skills listed here.
Identify Disruptive Team Members
A Reno escape room can provide a great setting for identifying disruptive or non-cooperative team members. Here you can assess these types of behaviors so that you can deal with them accordingly in a professional setting later.
Enhance Problem-Solving Skills
The main goal of an escape room is to problem-solve your way out of the room through puzzles and effective solutions. This makes escape room games an ideal approach to practicing your problem-solving skills.
Define Roles
Putting your team in this type of situation helps the leaders and critical thinkers of the team to really shine. Some of your employees may surprise you by the way they handle themselves in an escape room.


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