Bank Heist At The House Escape In Ely, Nevada

Thank you to all who came to Sculpture Park in Ely, Nevada to participate in the Bank Heist game at The House Escape’s mobile escape room so far this summer! The teams are still going strong in August and we continue to have a great turnout, so we’re extending our stay in Sculpture Park through September 12th! A big shout out to the first stellar team who won the game with minimal clues and beat the clock with only 1:59 left! Awesome work!

Ely, NV Bank Heist Escape Room Champs


Who Can Play A Mobile Escape Room Game?

Our mobile escape room entertains and hosts various types of guests not limited to families and friends, students, date night couples, companies for corporate team events, and, we’ve even hosted a team bonding activity for a Group of State Farm employees! The House Escape games are meant for those of almost all ages, with an exception of very young children who may not have yet developed the required attention span to play the game for 60 minutes. 

Mobile Escape Room Player Types


So What’s Different Than A Traditional Escape Room?

Another reason to experience what it’s like in a mobile escape room? It’s great for a variety of fun team activities! These could include parties, corporate team bonding, date night, college groups, and sports team events, to name a few. Since the mobile escape room comes right to a convenient place near you, it’s even easier to visit and make memories there than if you had to go to a traditional escape room in your city, that could be quite a distance for some. Mobile entertainment services like this one and services in other essential industries are becoming more popular today, so it’s a great time to take advantage of the mobile escape room opportunity. Since we are the only mobile escape room in the Northern Nevada area and offer the convenience of staying local to save money and have a good time, The House Escape may be the answer for you and your team! 


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Come play Bank Heist at our mobile escape room!

Top 5 Ways Escape Rooms Build Teamwork in The Workplace

Teamwork in the workplace is essential for creating a happy, productive environment for your employees. Not only does teamwork build relationships, trust, and communication, but it also helps enhance your team’s problem-solving skills. One of the best, and most fun, ways to build teamwork in the workplace is with an escape room. Escape rooms are the perfect place to get your employees interested in working together. Encouraging teamwork in this way is enjoyable for your team and beneficial to your company for a number of reasons. If you’re looking for a fun and effective team-building experience, check out our mobile escape rooms today

mobile escape room

Determine Strengths and Weaknesses

Working in this high-intensity, yet low-stakes environment can help reveal your employee’s strengths and weaknesses as individuals and as a team. Prior to important business projects, meetings, and presentations, you can figure out where your employees shine and where they can improve on things all through our fun and interactive activities. Escape rooms require the use of common workplace skills such as communication, collaboration, and trust. Here you can assess each of your team members’ strengths and weaknesses and address them to create betting working relationships. Once staff has found their strengths, they’ll learn to use them in our safe, fun environment -- without affecting your bottom line.

You can also determine the roles your employees play in the team by assessing the way they interact during an escape game. This will help you decide what value each member brings to the team and where they will be the most successful in your business. Look for characteristics such as:

Stronger Communication

It’s no surprise that teams that communicate well work better together. Communication is key in any relationship, but it can help speed up work processes and encourage greater productivity and collaboration in the workplace which is huge. Practicing your communication skills is important when preparing for a big meeting or project. It’s even important for displaying your professionalism and securing a business relationship. Since stressful situations are unideal for learning new things, we recommend an escape room to help ease the tension while working on your communication skills. This will help your team learn how to listen and respond effectively, in a casual setting. 

Trust Building

Trust is extremely important to build teamwork in the workplace. Creating a culture of trust in your organization will improve creativity, innovation, motivation, and morale among your staff. Trusting your coworkers can lead to more innovative and creative solutions for the business that otherwise would not have been suggested. For example, during an escape room, you might completely run out of ideas for gathering new clues, but your coworker has an idea. You trust them and decide to listen to their idea which leads to a new clue and gets you one step closer to escaping. It’s important that you and your coworkers rely on each other during collaborations like this.  

Learn How to Win and Lose Together

It’s important to understand that in order to escape everyone has to fulfill their different roles. The outcome of any team project, presentation, or meeting is shared, which means that you win and lose as a team. This teaches each employee a valuable lesson about teamwork; that each team member needs to contribute and that their contribution is important to the overall outcome. Getting your staff to work together, playing their part in the game, and taking responsibility is crucial to the success of any project. In an escape room, either everyone escapes or no one does. You cannot succeed or fail alone, so you’re going to have to rely on your teammates to do their part.  

Get to Know Your Teammates

How well do you know your coworkers? You may be friendly with one another or even see each other outside of work from time to time, but team-building activities are crucial for getting to know someone’s skills and struggles. This is really helpful in the workplace and can bring you closer to some other team members in the office. Building relationships can help improve communication, trust, teamwork, and so much more.

teamwork in the workplace

Try Our Fun Team Building Activities

The House Escape invites teams a great opportunity to get out of the office and work together to complete a shared mission. While you can rely on traditional team-building techniques like the trust fall to get your staff working together, an escape room focuses on building transferable skills that can be used in any situation or workplace. The House Escape in Reno provides convenient and fun team-building opportunities to businesses across the west coast. Connect with us today to learn more or to book a room!

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