What is a Portable Escape Room?

With the recent pandemic getting in the way of normal activities, a portable escape room provides the ultimate escape from the things going on around us - and it’s completely safe for you and your friends. Like a traditional escape room, our rooms rooms provide mystery, puzzles, and fun for everyone! They have all the functionality of a full-sized escape room, but it’s packed into a vintage suitcase that you can take with you anywhere. Learn more about escape rooms below or connect with The House Escape today!

What exactly is a portable escape room?

A portable escape room is a puzzle game very similar to a walk-in escape room, except all of the necessary pieces required to decipher clues and solve puzzles come packed into a convenient vintage suitcase. All you need is a table or hard surface to lay out all of your goodies from the case. It is now your job to use the clues provided to solve the case and finish the game. You’ll be given a variety of items, just like in a traditional escape room, that will be used as a guide to “escape” Room 745 and solve the murder mystery that happened there.

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Room 745

This story immerses players in a murder mystery, but there’s a twist. What starts as a story about a world-famous detective working a missing person’s case quickly leads to a murder investigation. Only this time, you are the investigator and your victim is the famous detective. He’s found dead in Room 745 of The Grand Hotel and 7 suspects have been named. Can you and your team help find the killer before time runs out?

This game is suitable for 5-10 players with a recommended time limit of 60 minutes. Are you up for the challenge?

Try AN ESCAPE Room at Your Next Event

Escape rooms are the perfect activity for team-building within work organizations, colleges, conferences, and birthday parties. Not only is this game fun and fulfilling, but it’s also great for building relationships and getting a group of people to work together. In order to escape, you have to trust each other, you have to communicate well and everyone has to fulfill different roles. An escape room can help with a variety of things such as:

- Improved communication -
- Trust building -
- Relationship building -
- Goal setting -
- Working together -
- Enhance problem-solving skills -
- Much more -


Are you interested in trying an escape room for your office or party? Fortunately, our portable services make it simple and convenient. Connect with The House Escape to learn more!

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