Bank Heist At The House Escape In Ely, Nevada

Thank you to all who came to Sculpture Park in Ely, Nevada to participate in the Bank Heist game at The House Escape’s mobile escape room so far this summer! The teams are still going strong in August and we continue to have a great turnout, so we’re extending our stay in Sculpture Park through September 12th! A big shout out to the first stellar team who won the game with minimal clues and beat the clock with only 1:59 left! Awesome work!

Ely, NV Bank Heist Escape Room Champs


Who Can Play A Mobile Escape Room Game?

Our mobile escape room entertains and hosts various types of guests not limited to families and friends, students, date night couples, companies for corporate team events, and, we’ve even hosted a team bonding activity for a Group of State Farm employees! The House Escape games are meant for those of almost all ages, with an exception of very young children who may not have yet developed the required attention span to play the game for 60 minutes. 

Mobile Escape Room Player Types


So What’s Different Than A Traditional Escape Room?

Another reason to experience what it’s like in a mobile escape room? It’s great for a variety of fun team activities! These could include parties, corporate team bonding, date night, college groups, and sports team events, to name a few. Since the mobile escape room comes right to a convenient place near you, it’s even easier to visit and make memories there than if you had to go to a traditional escape room in your city, that could be quite a distance for some. Mobile entertainment services like this one and services in other essential industries are becoming more popular today, so it’s a great time to take advantage of the mobile escape room opportunity. Since we are the only mobile escape room in the Northern Nevada area and offer the convenience of staying local to save money and have a good time, The House Escape may be the answer for you and your team! 


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Come play Bank Heist at our mobile escape room!