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Bank Heist

The Valley Isle Bank

60 Minutes
2-10 Players
Mobile Room - Your Location
Difficulty Level: 8/10

The House Escape’s first story includes a bank heist that must be completed within the allotted time in order to win!


This House Escape mobile escape room puts players in the middle of a bank heist. You and your teammates are all members of a successful crime syndicate, and your specialty has always been safe cracking. Today, you’ll be facing one of your greatest challenges yet as you and your team attempt a heist at The Valley Isle Bank.

Throughout the game you’ll get to put your skills to the test by figuring out creative ways to crack the safe through a series of puzzles and mysteries. In order to get out safely with your money, you and your team will have to work together to solve the problems. With just an hour to complete your mission, you’ll have to work quickly. Are you up for the challenge?



  1. Arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time to go over rules, guidelines and to sign our waiver. Games start on time regardless if you’re late.
  2. CELL PHONES, cameras, bags, keys, lighters, pens, and paper are forbidden. Guests will not be allowed to take these items into our escape rooms.
  3. Guests under 18 must have a parent/legal guardian sign their waiver. An adult who is 18 years old or older must accompany guests under 14.
  4. Players are not to damage or vandalize items. Players will be responsible for any intentional damage to the room.
  5. Clues found should be placed on a table or desk. This allows the staff to find them easily to redistribute for the next group playing the game.
  6. Do not show up intoxicated. Any bad behavior will result in termination of the game.
  7. We will take pictures at the end of the game. These pictures may be posted on our website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms. You are welcome to post them as well.
  8. The facility and rooms are equipped with video and audio surveillance systems. A game master will be following the progress of the game at all times.
  9. For safety reasons, the door will be open at all times, if you leave the room before the end of the game your game will end. If you need to use the bathroom please do so before the game begins.
  10. Do not force, push or bang on any furniture, walls, and props. If a drawer doesn’t open, it’s because you need to solve a puzzle to do it or because it’s not intended to ever be opened.
  11. There is nothing hidden behind or under the furniture, nothing overhead, or under the floor. So you don’t need to climb on any piece of furniture or open the ceiling panels.
  12. The room has some props which are not part of the game and are only there as décor. If you see any items with a red sticker, it is not part of the game.
  13. The fire extinguisher, electrical and plumbing, plugs, and switches are real and are not part of the game. Please do not try to manipulate them.
  14. We reserve the right to stop the game at any point if rules are broken.
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