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Corporate Events - Team Building - Office Groups
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Team building

Need help with team building in your business? See how an escape room in Reno can help bring your team together and improve their working relationships!



Curious about what you should expect before trying your hand at a mobile escape room? Check out some of our most frequently asked questions for help!

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reno Escape Rooms

Reno escape rooms are a perfect combination of problem-solving and story-telling. Experience the fun and excitement with us today!

 The House Mobile Escape room

Bank Heist

The House Escape mobile escape rooms puts players in the middle of a Bank Heist. You and your teammates are all members of a successful crime syndicate, and your specialty has always been safe cracking. Today, you’ll be facing one of your greatest challenges yet as you and your team attempt a heist at The Valley Isle Bank.

Throughout the game you’ll get to put your skills to the test by figuring out creative ways to crack the safe through a series of puzzles and mysteries. In order to get out safely with your money, you and your team will have to work together to solve the problems. With just an hour to complete your mission you’ll have to work quickly - are you up for the challenge?

60 minutes
2-10 Players
Mobile Room - Your Location
Difficulty level: 8/10
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The House PORTABLE Escape Room

Room 745

Room 745 packs the same fun and challenge as a full-size escape room, but instead, it comes in a vintage suitcase that can be set up at any table! This story immerses players in a murder mystery, but there’s a twist. What starts as a story about a world-famous detective working a missing persons case quickly leads to a murder investigation. Only this time, you are the investigator and your victim is the famous detective. He’s found dead in Room 745 of The Grand Hotel and 7 suspects have been named.

Can you and your team help find the killer before time runs out?

60 minutes
5 -10 players per group
portable Room - Your Location
Difficulty level: 7/10
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Two females and one male working together in The House Escape mobile escape room.

Experience fun

Escape rooms are great for friends, family, social groups, sports teams, and even corporate offices. It’s the perfect way to turn team building into a game that’s fun and enjoyable for everyone. Time flies by quickly when you’re busy being entertained and challenged by our puzzle games. And all you need to do is immerse yourself in the story and enjoy the game until the clock runs out!

Experience learning

Fun isn’t the only thing you’ll experience in our mobile escape rooms. There are also many opportunities to learn new things about yourself, your teammates, and you may even pick up some new skills! Having effective problem-solving skills and team cooperation is extremely valuable in your professional and personal life. See how our Reno escape rooms can help you build these skills by participating in a fun hands-on experience!

Four pairs of hands putting together a puzzle on top of a table.

Mobile Escape Room Features


We will bring the escape room right to your location! Our mobile escape room is climate-controlled, allowing us to bring the same theme as our physical location to you for any of your special occasions. Whether you’re looking for an innovative and fun way to help your team work together, or want to celebrate your birthday in a unique way, then give us a call!


Our escape rooms in Reno offer various lengths of game time that correspond with your specific needs and wants. We offer 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60-minute games which are available through our mobile escape rooms. Custom packages are created to meet your specific needs! Starting at $274 per hour.


The House Escape is located in Reno, Nevada, but we’re not like the typical escape rooms. We’re proud to offer mobile services where we bring the puzzle room right to you! This allows us to go to locations outside of the Reno/Sparks area, and even outside of Nevada. We are happily serving all of Nevada and the entire west coast!

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